Saturday, March 8, 2014

What do I say?

It's neither black nor white,
it's a shade of grey for the first time.
What do I say? 
I finally feel okay knowing,
it takes some time to fix the broken,
and there's nothing wrong in idly greeting the oblivion.

There's literally nothing much to say,
while I'm still looking for a way.
What do I say? 
I have a pocketful of flowery dreams,
that matches the different shades of hues,
amidst my weary blues.

People change like weather,
And the dust dances against its nature.
What do I say? 
It's not what I desired but,
There's something about this moment tonight,
that tell's me, "We are going to be alright"

It's neither good nor bad,
It's something that doesn't make me upset.
What do I say?
My head sometimes feel heavier,
and honestly, it's like I have given up,
but sometimes I wonder if this is how you feel when you have grown up.

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