Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm gonna publish this thing that I wrote two nights back while fighting back my tears. I'm not really sad. And even if I'm sad, I feel okay with it. I feel okay with most of the things and that makes me wonder if I'm getting back to a normal person who doesn't overthink and screws everything up or I'm just suppressing my emotions again. I have done that before I think and I just exploded. I'm afraid it is going to happen again. I'm not sure when will I write next or whether I'll be able to type it all because it has been pretty hard for me to communicate or just speak of what I feel or think. A couple of great life events is going to happen this month. Probably this week or next.  So here it is.


Someone do me a favor,
hold my shaky hands
while I try to make a vertical cut,
on my wrist with an old, rusty razor.


Someone do me a favor,
hold on to my words,
and help me continue when my hands are frozen,
while I try to pour out my last thoughts on a piece of paper.


Someone do me a favor,
hold me close in your arms,
tell me "Everything will be alright"
while I close my eyes for one last time,
and drift off to a faraway place. 


Miss me when I'm gone.
Miss me for the good things I've done.
Miss me, please miss me.
Forgive me and forget all the troubles that I caused.
Miss me for the love that I've always tried to share.

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Lonely soul said...

If u don't mind.Can I be dat someone?