Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Those three nights

I've been thinking about,
the last three nights that
I spent with you, singing, smiling
and listening to your lovely voice.
The songs that you sang to me
are still stuck in my head.
I think about it every night
while I lay awake in my bed.
I've caught myself smiling while thinking
about those three nights.
But I'm afraid to tell you,
how beautiful those three nights were.
I'm afraid to tell you,
I won't mind staying up all night
to see your face again.
I'm afraid and that's all.
I want to suppress my feelings 
and try to keep a distance,
so you don't hurt me like everyone else
in any way.
Dammit. I have to keep myself occupied
and forget those three nights.

1 comment:

Vivek Jaiswal said...

I don't mean to sound like an invader but why almost all of your posts are so gloomy?