Friday, March 21, 2014

Black and White.

I was supposed to be moving towards the light,
And be like the color, "white".
I was supposed to take in the different shades of life,
And throw away the knife.
But now I'm being pulled by the darkness,
And caught up in life's unavoidable mess.
I'm making cuts on my skin,
And desperately trying to hold back the tears and fake a grin.
When I woke up again today with a massive headache,
I could see everything getting painted black.
I counted the cuts that I made yesterday,
They're twenty-seven but I'm okay.
Apparently none of the cuts were deep enough to paint my skin red
None of them could bleed me out on my parent's bed.

1 comment:

Lonely soul said...

Cuts were even my best buddies a time ago...but nw I'm a lil better..!!