Thursday, February 28, 2013

"She is dying every second.."

The earth's spinning around;
Things are falling apart,
Lying is turning into art;
What can she do when her lips are sealed and hands are bound?

Life's taking a turn,
Everything's a mess inside,
A carefree person has died;
All she can do is feel it as her soul starts to burn.

A wild scenario making her reckless,
Letting her want to be dead;
How come it's so easy and not so bad?
No one could see it coming, I guess.

Been through almost everything way too before the end;
She can't forget the things done and words said;
Her eyes glitter with tears, making it puffy and red;
Only if you could realize, she is dying every second.

There's so much never ending pain,
She finds beauty in sadness,
She is being consumed by insanity, anxiety and darkness,
To the world, she'll just die in vain.

Roll up the long sleeves of her shirt,
May be you'll see something horrifying and peculiar,
Fresh cuts from previous night or may be some old scars,
She actually thinks that she is some sort of dirt.

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