Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh na na, what's the day?

Guess what's the day? :'D IT'S NIDA'S BIRTHDAYYYYY!! AND IT'S PARTY TIME. Nida is one of the most amazing girl and you should know that. She is funny, she is adorable, she is crazy and she is epic. Okay, now you all be nice and friendly and drop a message to my lovely friend. c':

Dear Nida,
First of all, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I love you. I wish if I could do something more than just  typing this for you. Like send you a present or something. You know what, Nida? You are one of the best people I have met online. You are one of the people who makes you want to believe that good people still exists. Although we don't talk everyday, you know I miss you. I bet you get a hint from Raed. You're like a sister to me.You took my side when no one else did. You listened to me whenever I was going through a bad time. You tried to save me. You tried to guide me. And I really appreciate that. I wish I could type all the things I wanted to.
Just know that I love you. You start taking care of yourself because I dunno what I'd without you. I hope we meet someday real soon. Okay I am stopping here 0_0

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Nida Fatima said...

Aww, this made me cry. :')
Thank you so much! <3
I love you too. And yes, you mean a lot to me. :3
Stay with me, alright? x