Tuesday, October 2, 2012


She has been walking forward,
Leaving everything behind,
Yet holding onto a handful of beautiful memories;
Befriending nostalgia on her way,
Letting it be her guide.
She's stumbling, tumbling and hurting,
But a little less this time.
Coldness is what she needs,
Fear is what she breathes.
While she brings down all of her dreams,
Bottles up her feelings,
And walks by, smiling;
All you see is raging freak,
May be too strong, may be too weak.
What a beautiful mess she is!
She's scared, she knows it,
She lies that she's fine.
Don't let her fool you,
She's hiding it all.
She has finally come to know that 
No one loves a Suicidal girl.


Guidance ✰ said...

nice one ^^
But I don't think no one loves suicidal people like you mentioned. I think when someone doesn't have respect for their lives or selves, they don't get much respect from people.
But no one knows what they're going through except for them, I guess..
Anyway, you shouldn't have suicidal thoughts. Life's too beautiful to die. You just gotta dig out the beauty of it, Because happiness is a choice (even though everything in your life tries to make you miserable) Smile in their faces! That's the 1st step

Jack said...

N C,

Feelings of one wronged but has to live with inner conflict penned very well. You may not understand but there are some persons who would extend hand to a suicidal person to bring him or her out of that thinking but, of course it is upto such person to accept it.

Take care