Monday, October 22, 2012

A part of me.

The morning's clear, 
And my mind is trying to figure out where I am,
Stains of tears and late night fear,
has been there on my cheeks all night.

I look at my phone,
To check no one giving a damn,
I turn my head and tell myself that maybe it's good to be alone;
But then the heart realized the lies I just said.

I shake my head while I throw my covers aside,
I sit up on the edge, 
Thinking, "why it has to be this way?" 
Again, as I glide,
My foot on the floor, I think of how different things can be outside the cage.

I make my way to the bathroom,
I look at my stained face,
Adoring how puffy my eyes look because of crying.
It's just me, "another girl without grace"

Secretly hoping for the bus to break down,
As I get ready for my college.
I check myself one last time before leaving my room,
And realize that I look no less than a clown!

I go downstairs, waiting for the bus,
The "honk-honk" kills all the hope,
And I make my way to the bus,
Wishing to get my favorite window seat.

But alas! How come I be so lucky?
It's been occupied again.
I sit quietly next to a girl, 
Shoving in my earphones, putting a song on loop,
I close my eyes and keep it shut till we reach the college.

When I walk towards my building,
I hope not to see people grinning.
I keep my bag pack on the table 
And wait for others to enter.

The classes start one by one in a manner,
I wait for a break desperately to have some fun but in the end
Who am I fooling? 
I hate everyone hence I am the only one who is a loner.

I stand on the balcony and look at all the happy faces,
I come back to the class,
Wait for it to end,
And finally it's all over.

On my way back to home,
I think of all the things I've done,
And secretly miss having pals,
As I close my eyes till I reach home.

The day is done.
And have survived it again.
The thoughts start crawling as the night grows older;
I know that heavy eyes had enough 'cause even the heart is colder!

It's like a depressing movie tape,
That's been stopped, rewind and played since ages,
Doesn't spectators know,
It won't make it any better?


sawan said...

Shriti, the first thought was Amanda! Its a beautifully written piece, emotions wrapped with the perfect blend of life in each words.

bless you girl and bless all those who goes this trauma of loneliness.

Guidance ✰ said...

Beautifully written poem!
All great writers owe their achievements to their own life experiences. So, you have to say your life is useful in some way..

Anonymous said...

I loved it, every line, every word!!, but I have to tell you, I was carried away by the song. :)