Friday, October 26, 2012


Is it anxiety?
Am I anorexic?
Is it true or is it false?
Am I just sad or really depressed?
The questions linger inside my head.
Am I normal?
Am I peculiar?
What is it that really bothers?
Am I really alone or it's just my mind?
Can I see it all or am I being blind?
Is it the stress?
Is it the thoughts?
Is it the future or is it the past?
Is it something that always last?
The questions keep me awake at night.
Too tired to fall asleep and too tired to stay awake.
It's just a messy feeling that keeps hurting.
Why don't they understand?
Why didn't they never stand?
What will it take to be good enough?
Is it a fear?
Am I really scared?
Do you think I am stronger?
Do I really want my life to end?
Or is it just the troubles and pain?
Does things really get better?
Or we just get used to it and it starts bothering lesser?