Wednesday, October 24, 2012


There are things,
You'll never find out.
-My feelings, my thoughts,
Why I keep saying, "I've been through lots.."
There are things,
I'll never care about.
-Your race, your religion,
Your thoughts, your action. 

There are things,
You'll always dare.
-"Forget the pain, live like others,
Overlook the past and leave everything behind that bothers.."
There are things,
That I'll never share.
-My fears, my scariest secrets;
And the one who are the real culprits.

There are things,
You may find annoying.
-My action, my cry,
Me not being cheery, me wanting to die.
There are things,
I may be questioning.
-The society, my existence; My differences
And me not being able to find any resemblance.

There are things,
That you may find hilarious.
-My tears, my thinking,
My words, my writing.
There are things
That I may fake like an actress.
-Hide all the fears on the screen;
Make it all blurry, make it all unseen.

There are things,
You may never notice.
Bottled up feelings, all inside me,
I can barely show you what I see.
There are things,
That make me anxious.
-What they think, what they say,
"I hope it's good", I always pray.

There are things,
You don't find true.
And, most probably it's all about someone;
Don't be so harsh 'cause of an assumption, you'll regret & cry later on their coffin.
There are things,
I really hope I do.
-Not wait for tomorrow, finish it all tonight,
Get away from this fancy world, get away from your sight.

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