Monday, September 3, 2012

"How can you.."

How can you be fine,
When you know nothing for you,
Falls in line?

How can you smile,
When there are hundreds of people around you,
Planning to steal it in the meanwhile?

How can you say that you are happy,
When you cry yourself to sleep most of the nights,
'cause you cannot fight all the feelings so crappy?

How can you say that you've mates,
When you can't find a company to rejoice, 
Or a shoulder to cry or someone who waits?

How can you not lie to people about not being stressed or depressed,
When you know that people with happy faces,
Are the only ones who are embraced?

How can you not say, "it's okay" or "I'm okay",
When you know that it doesn't matter anymore,
'cause you get used to pain day by day?

How can you not wish for death,
every time the clock hits 11:11,
When you know that everything around you chokes your breath?


Jack said...

C L,

Feelings of one who has so much bottled up have been told very well. One needs to open up with someone to lessen the burden weighing on mind.

Take care

Fatima said...

Sometimes opening up is not the solution coz then you are again broken!

Beautiful portrayal of feelings.

Take Care

P.S: You write real well.