Friday, September 7, 2012


Omg, I feel a little blessed at the moment. You know, when you cry after knowing about something good, you have really been fighting way too long for that good thing to happen to you. I passed 2nd semester. I got 74%. I still hate the fact that I couldn't be the class topper again. Another girl got 74.6% and she is the topper in my class. Eh, I can't help it, I am greedy. Anyhow, tomorrow is going to be a terrible day for me.


Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

That quote? STORY OF MY LIFE.

Also, congratulations! :D Whooppeee!

Haaye,be happy no?

Also, I hope you're wrong and you have a BRILLIAAANT week month year. Optimistic, but yeah. :P

Take care,you. <3

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Jack said...

C L,

Congratulations. Never mind, next time you will be topper.

Take care

PS : Left comments of previous 2 posts also as I caught up with pending ones.