Friday, September 21, 2012

Choco's blah blah..

How weird can it be when someone asks you, "If you're not contented with your life then why don't you work on making it better?" and you just sit there and say, "I don't want it to get better because I am hopeless, my life is hopeless. I don't want it to get better because the only thing I want is death."


Ajay Kontham said...

You are speaking my mind.

But what I have known is that it is not the only solution. It is only after we try something we come to know what we are capable of. But when it also fails, ...hmm...well this post is totally relevant and can be re-posted. :/

Guidance ✰ said...

I don't think your life is miserable because you have n choice. But it's miserable because you chose making it like that.
If you want to live a happy life, there's nothing easier than smiling and seeing the good side of everything. And if you don't, you just have to continue thinking like you are right now..

Naive Chocoholic. said...

I chose to make my life that way huh? Yeah, right. I asked my own brother to sexually abuse me. I asked my mother to beat me up. I asked people to call me ugly. I did everything good.. even in my studies, but I chose to be less appreciated. I asked the faculties to give all my credits to the pretty faced people. I chose and asked my best friend to give up on me just like that..

Liju Philip said...

Well, if all issues in life were solved in death, no one would want to stand up and face the challenges. Face up to your problems, am sure you will conquer them. There are others out there who love you and would want to see you successful. Cheers.

Naive Chocoholic. said...

I do not want to face them and conquer them.

Jack said...

N C,

Read 5 pending posts. It is good that you are sharing what goes on in your mind to lessen the weight on your mind. I do sincerely feel that you must take steps to make your own life a little more happier. I am sorry about your best friend. But that is life. May her soul rest in peace.

Take care

Chai,Paani,Biskut,etc.. said...

And I think, me and ur protagonist match a lot! Death.Yes, a big nod to that one word.Always welcomed.