Thursday, April 24, 2014

State of mind.

Detaching   while   seeking   attachment,
Smiling   while   hiding  the     sadness,
Suffocating while gulping down the pain,
Fidgeting while trying to move forward,
And carry on with life without any companion.

Another night with worthless thoughts.
Another lie     coated   with bitter truth.
Another insomniac with horrifying past and unpleasant present.
Another   page   of      unwritten  words,
Stating   the   state   of   mind.

Things   are   not   exactly   okay,
Even   though   they   look   like it.
Morbid fascination with self destruction,
Never     helped    the    undying,
Nauseous     feeling.


sachin prabhu said...

luv it <3 :)

Lonely soul said...

A piece of advise if u Dont mind..even I have experienced all dz shriti..if u keep thinkin about it the thoughts r gonna haunt u even more.try ua best not to be alone.go out.try to keep uaself as busy as really works.