Friday, April 11, 2014


It's one of those nights 
where it all crumbles 
down to the ground. 

It starts from 
one corner of the mind 
and slowly makes it way 
to the heart.
It rumbles in the stomach 
and finally reaches
 to the tip of my toes. 

The anxiety mixes 
with the blood 
and runs in the veins. 

I feel cold 
in 35 degrees.
I feel filthy 
in my own skin

I can't help but think 
of all the wrongs 
I've done. 
I can't get up but 
lie like a corpse
in the pile of my own 

I can't make it go away.
Is it okay to feel this way?
What's wrong with me?
Why is it all that I see?

1 comment:

Lonely soul said...

Girl ua nt alone n me..every one experiences dz kind of things atleast once in their itself is a challenge and you need to win it. B strong shriti...things happen for a reason