Friday, April 4, 2014


I  wonder  how                    it feels to love 
someone     and   to  be          loved by   them   back. 
I wonder how you can  love    someone so much that you
can't  imagine a second without  them. I wonder how love can 
make  someone  to give up  everything   for  that one person.
I wonder how  love can  make  this world a  beautiful place 
to    live. I   wonder how   just one   person  can make you 
feel    so wonderful       and   complete  when   you are 
with    them.   I   wonder         how  lovers  feel.  I 
wonder    if     I'd    able  to    love  someone
enough    to   feel    all  of      those 
things. I  wonder  if    I'll ever 
meet someone who will
  love  me that much 
and more.


sachin prabhu said...

wow this is beautiful <3 lovely <3 :) i'm so happy :D

sachin prabhu said...

this is creative :) lovely :)

Lonely soul said...

Girl...d one who gets to meet u wud b d luckiest guy really so sweet.