Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Can I stand close to death?

You won't like to know what I think,
You won't like to know what's inside,
You won't like to know the stories behind the scars, 
You won't like to know what I wish on the shooting stars.
Brutally and slowly, the sadness and emptiness is consuming me,
I'm so good at hiding it that no one can see.
People love you only if you're pretty or dying;
I know I can never ever be pretty.
Can I stand close to death?
And have my share of love and care?


Shane M said...

Death doesn't stand close to anyone unless it's goal is to take a soul.
Looking to share love and care with death is the cruelest thing to do to Death. Taking away the life of someone is something that can only be done emotionless and coldly. Making Death take souls while feeling love and care so it can be provided to you would be heartbreaking. Have some faith in the small amount of humanity who give a fuck about others, and genuinely wants to learn about you and the unsaid secrets & tears you keep inside. If you think everyone has the same mindset your already lost, until you figure out how to grab someone's hand.
Listen if you need someone so bad, I told you that I couldn't help you but try this person I don't know if this person is a guy or a girl but their name is Alex, and I'll admit he/she helped me out a lot in the past. He/she is kinda like talking to a bartender, it's easy to pour out your heart into a glass of liquor while the lights are dimmed at the bar, knowing that nobody is watching nor judging you. It's a pretty great feeling :^D

Shriti said...

Thanks a lot. I may try to talk to that person. :)

Mirchi Laddoo said...

No you may not. They might like you if you are dying but then it will fade away as soon as you die. Instead be strong & kind as you are :)