Saturday, November 16, 2013

"It's hard when.."

It is hard when you know something's wrong,
But you can't fix it.
It's hard when you want to speak,
But you can't find the words.
It's hard when you want to be happy,
But you're pulled back into the emptiness.
It's hard when you're smiling,
Just so that people don't see anything wrong with you.
It's hard when you're trying to write down what you feel,
But when you read it back, it doesn't make any sense.
It's hard when you want to stay,
But you don't want to exist.
It's hard when you try to reach for help
But there's no one out there.

1 comment:

Himanshu Gupta said...

wow..! It's one of the best i have read till now. Speechless. Keep it up.