Monday, March 14, 2011

"..Face death.."

Terrible life has only pains,
No smile and only vain,
But I do smile,
 for while.
I can't complain,
But why not?
I have already cried a lot,
I feel disgusted,
I feel frustrated,
When everything seems alright,
My mom and dad starts to fight.
I no more like my dear life,
It needs to go away,
to someone who may
lead it in a better way.
I hate you life,
I really do,
Now I have a weird desire to,
choke my breath,
and face death. 


Anoop said...

mmmmmmm...sad post.... :(

Jingle said...

heartfelt words.
well expressed.

keep writing,

bless you.

Sankoobaba said...


Badri said...

So sad....:'[


....really sad atmosphere... hope you're aryt..!!!:)

rhyth said...

make a world that is different, escape there when it becomes to much. crying makes it worse, death is a tease, wearing a mask thats happy and fine hurts like hell, being silent tears u apart, and family just disappoints at bad times. So another world is a alright chose, but not the greatest

Unruly Rebel said...

well buut the prob is ur life is best wid u...only u cud do justice to it...actually it loves u alot... :)

Unruly Rebel
something THEY call life