Saturday, March 12, 2011

"..I dont feel home.."

I would rather stay in dark than in light,
I just don't fit the bright side,
there is no one to bear my tears.
I'm being haunted by my deepest fears.
And tonight I sound low
I swear I know,
I have tried being strong,
living a nightmare all day long,
And in this tug of war,
when love seems far,
there is no sanity in wining
beneath the silver lining
from those who are my own.
I don't feel home.


Being Pramoda... said...

Hope u come out of these with flying colours..

feel home baby.. becasue nothing else is a better feeling than this..

Sankoobaba said...


rhyth said...

then stay in the dark and make a home there; share it with others who is in the same place, and the world might change and u might be able to live in the light a little, tryin to be being strong just causes more pain. Can't say anything but i hope u find your own way