Wednesday, December 8, 2010

" stuffs and life.."

I feel good. =] I'm surprising everyone in my class. I haven't cried since my birthday. Craps still happening in my life. Kritika started talking to me. o.O She ish definately the one who wants me to die. Wow!! Does she know how the hell I survived. How I felt? =/ I would have killed myself seriously. errrr its good I guess 'cause she was wrong. =]
Its cold and raining. >.> but I want it to snowww  >_< It never snow-ed here in Chhattisgarh. We were hugging and cuddling in the class. xD Umm yesterday, I quarreled with Tunesh. Arghhh yes I felt annoyed. Am I getting jealous of Pooja? Yesterday and even today, I kinda didn't like it when he talked to her. And my friends started calling me Sheela ki beti!! O.O Yesh my mommy's name is Sheela v.v !! And I found "My name is Sheela, Sheela ki jawani.." written on the last page of Meraj's notebook.>.> ?
They love to tease me and I love getting teased :P
Wearing hoodies these days ^_^ I love hoodies ♥ bahaha I look like penguin in winter o.o !! Oh well, a weird thing happened today. While coming back from school, I just felt that Saket ish somewhere near and when we reached near the Fuel station.. I saw him o.o and he saw me o.o and I don't know why I smiled back at him!! v.v We are not friends anmore. I want to hate him but I can't stop caring for him. And If you are thinking about the so called poem "..Last night.." on my blog, then yesh It was really ME and those stuffs had happened to me.
Anyways, I kinda feel sick now. Already have headache and I feel like throwing up (~_~) Umm this time I wanna celebrate christmas with Srishti, Anubha and everyone. But I guess the plan won't work =/ Just a month and then no more school >_< !! Eeeh I need a time machine >.> ? Anyone listening? I really need a time machine. I wanna live those moments again! =[


Anonymous said...

Visiting you :)

Chocolate Lover said...

Thanks ^_^