Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm no more a sweet teenager (T^T)

It looked so awesome o.o Weather was damn so good. It was all foggy when I woke up at 5:30 am for tutions. I couldn't see anything. :P Went school but my "awesome" mom and bro ruined my mood. 
I hate them! Sometimes I feel like I'm their step daughter/sister. We had PTM (Parents teacher meeting) today after 11:00 am. It's so embarrassing (-__-) Everyone's mom keep praising their daughter but my mom talks like "achche marks nahi aye toh sadna yahi. Koi college.. kuch nahi!!" And she said this to my class teacher even!! 
If she wanted to say all these stuffs then why didn't she tell me at home? Why did she embarrass me in the school? I got 84% and I wanna know, is it bad? Last time it was only 61% (v__v) and Yesh!! My mom says I don't study at home. 
My life is so bitter and I'm no more a sweet teenager who used it pen her feelings silently and never let anyone know the worse side of her life. I'm saying stuffs 'bout my mom and bro. =[  Eeeehhh  (T^T) I love you mom =/ I'm sorry for saying so. I'm just mad.


nitwit said...

life s about learning lessons shriti... u are damm gud kid to raise ur marks from 61 tro 84... it shows ur hardwork...well done kid.. parents can be very fussy sometymes its just a parenting hypes kid it happens... work hard and party harder... u ahve too go ahead

Chocolate Lover said...

Thank you <3 :)