Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Do you?

Do you smile or grimace,
when you see my name flashing, 
on your phone screen?
Do you think about me,
as much as I think about you,
when I wake up and fall back asleep?
Do you like my company,
or wish to be left alone,
when things start to fall apart?
Do you find me,
annoying or wonderful when,
I tell you about my day?
Do you miss me,
when we are not talking?
Do you wish we could be something, 
more than what we are now?
Do you wish we lived closer,
so we could know each better?

1 comment:

Lonely soul said...

Love u girl..I'm sorry for saying dz but really I wanna take u home. This z d 1st time I'm on ua blog but ua posts r so deep dat I feel like I know u from a long time.Tc b strong