Sunday, June 15, 2014

After all this time of,  
Wanting to be someone, 
Who mattered, 
Or someone who made, 
A difference in people's lives, 
I've come to the realization that,
I’m not important, 
I do not matter, 
I do not make any difference, 
In anyone's life.
I am not special.


Soumyaa Verma said...

That's not true. Really. Somewhere, in some corner of the world you do not even know about, there is a person you do not know exists, who reads you, understands you, feels you, wants to text you at night- not because you are the only one awake but because they want to talk to you and share feelings. You do matter to someone, someone like me!

Soumyaa Verma said...

Hi I've nominated you for the Liebstar award. Please click on the link below for detsails-

Lonely soul said...

Start loving uaself girl..every1 around us have their own priorities, no 1 will stay With US forever.If u depend on others ul only get lots of hurt in return. Lv uaself n try to b happy