Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mother, Father..

Oh, hey there father,
And hello mother.
Sorry to show up so late at night,
But I heard you two had another fight?
Well, it's nothing new,
You have done that before too.
You two are pretty good at bouncing back to "normal" though,
But let's not forget that it's been more than twenty years now.
Well, dear father,
Do you know where's your daughter?
And dear mother,
Didn't you know she has been painting her skin red with that razor?
Why didn't you try to know?
Can't you see she has been feeling low?
When will this end?
She doesn't even have a friend.
You wanted her to live life, the way you wanted,
Thanks to you she has always been taken for granted.
But it's okay, you can carry on your fight,
She is strong and hopefully she won't kill herself tonight.

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Lonely soul said...

Even I have experienced things like dz