Monday, December 24, 2012

Guest post for your awesome blog :))‏

Hello Hello, I think I am too late for this post but still I decided to write this one for my little sister :))

Its always tough to write a blogpost specilly for me (a non blogger and not so expressive person) *scratches head*. but still let me try.

Shriti you are like younger sister to me, you are a real fighter. You have faced very tough situations, Do you know after every dark night there is a bright sunshine. So a bright sunshine is waiting you.
I am still confused whether are you panda or penguin ??

*Out of words* All the best for future. .keep blogging

Keep Smiling :)

P.S : Your blog is the cutest blog I have ever seen :D

"JUST IN CASE IF YOU'VE READ THE PREVIOUS POST WHICH WAS ACTUALLY A RANT BY ME(SHRITI). FORGET IT. I KNOW I WAS ANGRY AND STUFF. BUT JKDFGJKFSGL SO FAR THIS POST IS THE BEST. ^_^ Abhi da is like an elder brother to me. I've always wanted one elder brother. But then one day I realized that I cannot have an elder brother 'cause I am already the eldest one!(oops) I met him at the point where I was literally hating the word "brother" He has supported me a lot. At times, I get mad at him. Like I did earlier. I respect/trust/love people 'cause of their actions. Abhi da, I'm sorry that I got mad at you. I feel terrible. I shouldn't take decisions when I'm angry or upset. ._.

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Tharangni said...

a really sweet post and i love what you have done to your blog! it looks amazing! :D