Saturday, December 24, 2011

"..Last breath.."

I'm broken,
I'm shattered,
Plethora of emotions,
And, nostalgia,
Haunt me at nights.
Locked in my room in low lights,
I twist, I turn,
I don't know who I am.

I'm a truth,
I'm a lie,
I can never be something that you can hide.
I'm a mess but a little less,
I'm a freak, I'm sane.
I'm happy but in vain.
Slowly, I'm turning into a wreck.

My phobias are enchanting Euthanasia,
Another killing dilemma,
Give it all or give it up?
If I left, folks would start to gossip about.
Mystery of death,
And my last breath.

P.S. Eh, updating after 1 month.. :) Haha, I am still alive. My semester exams are on.  I screwed up EM but Chemistry went awesome. I am a bit relieved today. Heh, sorry for such a sad post. :P But, Merry Christmas People. :)


Sanket Kambli said...

its good to read something from you..even though its a bit sad..
best wishes for exams..
and yeah merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

happy belated new year my fav blogger~