Saturday, July 9, 2011

She came running through;
wearing no smile, wearing no shoe,
in dark lonely street,
with bruised feet..
She was scared,
and despaired.
A nightmare was chasing her,
Almost like , caught in fire,
Vile intentions burned her body and soul,
Manipulated her world, manipulated the whole.


Neeha said...

Painful.Well expressed.
Take Care.

Valli said...

So sad :'(
but nicely written

Sunakshi said...

I seriously am afraid,how an eighteen year old suffer so much,that she can end up writing ample amount of sad stuff. :O

Chocolate Lover said...

Thanks :)

Chocolate Lover said...

Thank you :) <3

Chocolate Lover said...

Sunakshi di,
You will never know ;D

Zeba said...

This is a sad. Beautifully penned down.

Chocolate Lover said...

Thank you. =]
I am glad that you liked it. <3

Sankoobaba said...

truly sad

Chocolate Lover said...

:) <3

Risha Kalra said...

Well sweetie, there's more to life than sadness and grief. Let love and happiness in :)
Expressive poems you write.

Love, Risha :)