Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cricket Chaos

I don't think I will ever understand how people can be so stupid. I don't ever write about these things on my blog but I just couldn't keep myself from writing about it. Why didn't people trend Yuvi's name when we were winning the world cup matches without him in the team? Why no one missed him then? Yuvi is certainly an amazing and yes, he was the man of the tournament in the last world cup but he wasn't the only one playing. There were 14 other members who were in 2011 world cup  squad. 

Yes, Yuvi wasn't in the team this time. No offence but then Sachin, Sehwag, Gautam, Yusuf, Zahir and others were not in the team either. They were the part of the same team who won the world cup.

"Agar Yuvi rehta toh hum jeet jaate" Seriously? Okay yeah, maybe we could have won the match or maybe not. But here is the truth, we won 7 consecutive world cup matches without him and rest of the other squad members of 2011 world cup. We could have won this one too without him but we are all missing an important point here. Team Australia. The team which played better than us. We didn't lose because Yuvi wasn't in the team or because Anushka was there at the stadium. We lost it because Australia played better than us. That's the only reason.

Stop hating Anushka, Dhoni, Virat and rest of the other members. You think Dhoni didn't give his best? Think again. The man lead the team and made us win seven consecutive world cup matches. He didn't fly back to India on her daughter's birth. He played selflessly. He is an amazing player. Entire Team India did an amazing job at Australia. They are all  amazing players and they did their best. We gave it back but we can get it back again next time. Have faith in team India. Stop hating.