Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I'm scared of how happy I feel these days.
I'm scared how the feeling of being okay seems so new to me.
I'm scared to make new attachments.
I'm scared that it'll get bad again soon.
I'm just scared and it's absurd,
Because it's all I ever wanted,
And now when I finally seem to have it,
It's scaring me to death.


Anonymous said...

It's easy to be afraid, to think that tomorrow it might break free, dropping me back to the hole, that I climbed with such pain. But now that I'm out, I realize how busy the streets have become. I thought they didn't talk because I was weird, but look, they're going somewhere, I gotta start walking to atleast ask them about their office to just start a conversation. I gotta leave the pit coz this aint where I belong.
Tweet streets are good, but it's fast, you're slow. Make a friend..

Red Handed said...


Onkar said...

Beautiful lines