Sunday, September 14, 2014

There was a time when I used to write because I didn't feel happy/good/comfortable/content but now things have changed or should I say that I have changed. I have changed because now I can't speak or write when I'm low. I just stay quiet because the words are stuck in my throat and in my head and I can't even spill them out on a paper.

What can I tell you? How do I tell you? I'm not happy. It's been such a long time and I haven't been happy and things haven't been okay but it helps when I tell people that I'm not sad and things are okay. It's easier to say that and it doesn't make things worse for me so it's all good I believe.

I tried to tell my closest friends about how I felt but they dismissed the conversation. They shut me up by saying that what I felt was normal and that I was being dramatic. I knew that I'd break down one day if I bottled up my feelings/thoughts/pain for too long and that's what happened. I broke down.

I'm still not fine. I'm still trying to recover. I'm angry and tired and yes I want to cry it all out and sleep. I want to let go of it. I have to be okay and function like a normal human who doesn't have depression and who isn't suicidal.

My closest friends refused to believe that I wasn't okay and on the other hand at college, after trying so hard to keep a smiling face and laugh and make others laugh, they still caught me. They can see that I'm sad and I'm not okay. It happened during a mock interview feedback. My teachers who barely know me can see it. I was asked again and again if I have an issue or am I going through a bad phase.. They said, "it feels like you are carrying a bad pain or burden or something with you that's weighing you down. You are so young. You don't need to be so sad. Please talk to me. Come to me whenever you're free and talk to me. What is it?" That was one scary moment. I didn't want anyone to know that something is wrong with me and I haven't been able to hide that anymore and it's frustrating.

I used to have a friend. I don't have that friend anymore. It doesn't feel the same anymore. I'm scared to talk to him. It matters less if I don't talk to him. The only thing that matters is the fact that he doesn't care. And yes he did say that he didn't care. He had some sort of complaint. He said two things:
"You like the idea of having me" and "You're keeping me just in case, no one likes you back." 
Things are not okay between us anymore and I want to walk away. I even tried to end it. He doesn't make me feel better any way because I know that he doesn't care and there's a huge difference between us now. I think I don't care about him anymore either. I don't know why I still wish that he cared.. I'm hoping for miracle but I wonder if I'll forgive him. We still talk and I still pretend that I forgave him but there's something that kills me. Something that hurts and it's mostly because of him and his words. God, how can I be so stupid? How can I do this? I honestly did think that he was different. And he wanted to be in the "friendzone" but he also wanted us to be something more when we actually meet up. He said he cared. He said he'd never give up and after five freaking years, this is how it ends. 

I'll meet new people. I know that. I'll meet people who are better than him. I know that I deserve better. I'm not a bad person. 

I know that I'll get in trouble if someone from college reads it. The blog is synced with my facebook so I guess someone will read it but I really hope they don't. If you're from my college and if you've read it please don't mention it to me or anyone else. I don't want to talk about it. It's exhausting. Things will get better. I will get better as well.


Aurindam Mukherjee said...

Whoa! This is creepy. I wrote something EXACTLY similar on my blog.

Shriti said...

@Aurindam Mukherjee,
Hahaha, I guess we are in the same phase. :P

Aurindam Mukherjee said...

:D touche!