Saturday, July 5, 2014

Labyrinth of suffering

The night makes her vulnerable,
And the smile refuses to fool other people.
All of her broken pieces glued together start to fall apart,
And the paralyzing pain start to stab the heart.
The secrets get ready to spill out of her eyes,
As she starts to paste a story full of sweet lies.

Some nights, she laughs too much and then starts to cry.
The fears crawl up and she questions "why?"
She'd like to live but she'd also like die for sure;
Apparently, she's not sure of what she craves more.
As this absurd thought escapes the darkest corner of her mind,
She instantly goes blind.

People who believe that she's blessed,
Certainly have no idea that she's full of self hatred.
She's struggling between the thought of wanting, 
Someone to hold her and tell her that it's alright.
And the thought of putting an end to this labyrinth of suffering,
Right here tonight.


Mi said...

Wow.. .this hurts! your poems tell me so much! :)

Lonely soul said...

Omg words really hav some magic..Tc.