Saturday, May 10, 2014

Not enough.

She is that wounded person,
who has been trying, 
to protect and fix, 
everything for everyone;
because she knows,
how it feels when everything,
falls apart.
But that's not enough.

She is being their warm, 
and safe duvet trying ,
to put everyone back to sleep; 
keeping them from, 
screaming in horror,
while the monsters of the night,
fill the room with,
chilled daunting aura.
But that's not enough.

She holds their hand when,
they decide to start all over again. 
But that's not enough. 

She has been taking, 
their cuts and scratches, 
and sucking up the poison, 
but that's not enough. 
Nothing she does is enough. 

Someone make her stop.
Life is too short to live for, 
someone who doesn't care.
She is running out strength. 
She is running out of hope.
She is running out of love. 
She is running out of air.
She can't do it anymore,
Someone do her a favor,
Give her back her smile,
and bring her back to her life.

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good one ... but I think audience gonna miss its brighter side...