Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The problem with me

The problem with me is that
I keep asking too many questions,
And I keep looking for the reasons.
"Don't you know that I miss you?"
"Why did you leave me?"
"Why did you stop talking to me?"
"Why did you choose someone else over me?"
"What was it?"
"Was it something that I did?"

Or may be the problem with me is that
I blame it all on myself.
"I am too ugly."
"I am too clingy."
"I care too much."
"I am so annoying."

No wait,
May be the problem with me is that
I still think you care.
I still think you're a nice person
I still think you miss me.
I still think those words cannot be a lie.
And those actions cannot be just pretense.
You must have felt something inside your heart, at least once?

What am I saying?
It cannot be that.
No, not at all.
The only problem with me is that,
I just expect too much.


Aditi said...

you have figured out the problem, so are you now ready to deal with it?

i hv reduced 90% of my expectations. Oh but the 10% at times hurt too much.

suraj mahant said...

So Poignant ; very well written

Lonely soul said...

Expectations hurt a lot...I have learnt dz only n past few months datz d reason I stopped expecting...n getting close to ppl