Sunday, March 10, 2013

Someday the society will change.

They say, 
"Keep it to yourself,
And Hide,
Because what you see, 
And the way you see it,
is a travesty."

They say,
"Seal your lips,
Don't utter a word,
Because every word of yours
Will start a rebellion and that too,
Against you!"

They say,
"Keep faking a smile,
Don't let the frown show up on your face,
Because you're messed up,
You're a different being,
But you've to do everything to fit in."

Your virgin eyes and ears,
Have been through everything they could,
But how much a person can take,
And ignore the remarks they make?

Keep hoping, keeping wishing
Someday your misery will end,
Someday the society will change,
Accept everything that they find evil and strange.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. :)