Sunday, March 25, 2012


I hate everyone of you who left me, who ignored me, and who added more bitterness in me and my life. I don't need you. I HATE YOU SO MUCH. There's not a single person in my life to count on. I won't care about you anymore. I was living when you were not in my life so I can live again when you're gone. Don't you dare try complaining that I have changed. 'cause now it's all gonna be because of you all.. I don't know why I am writing this here. I don't know why I always believed that people are nice. They are not. They are same everywhere. Everyone is a mean jerk. I guess I'll just burst into tears any moment. This is not a nice feeling. I hate this feeling. What have I done? I don't get it.. I have always been there when you needed me then why are you not here with me? May be I'll regret posting this here. But I just don't care. Someone has truly said, "People come and go but life goes on" 
I will live too. I will have a better life without you. But, tell me, why you didn't stay? Why did you all walk away at the same time? I am literally crying right now. These feelings don't even let me  to sleep. What's wrong with me?


Sunakshi said...

I choked for a while.

wisewit said...

You know, I do still read your blog, even if I don't always comment. And I do care, but I'm not sure what I can do from here. If there is anything, let me know. :)


AJai said...

that was a great read.