Monday, February 20, 2012

"..wishing for this life to end.."

Another day has passed.
And now it's in the past.
Another tear will glitter with a hope.
Pills, razor, poison or rope?
Every option,
Takes you to your destination.
He is still perplexed to see you sad.
Wondering "what's going on inside your head?"
You cry and he's speechless.
He doesn't understand why do you think that you are a mess?
She died and they left you.
You cried and someone groped you.
That night you lost your smile and even your voice.
Only Lord knows that it wasn't your choice.
When you used words to reveal the truth.
One thousand souls laughed at you; called you "a crazy little youth"
They will never know.
They will never understand.
They can never see that you're wishing for your life's end.


AJai said...

that's hard... but a good read.

Sunakshi said...


CATGIRL !! said...

do u write all these poems by urself?? r they in consonance wid ur true self??

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