Friday, November 4, 2011

Truth, secret and love (Answers of all your questions) part-2

Love's in the comments that you have written, it was love when my readers wanted me to join facebook, It's love when my one of the best-est blogger buddy, Raed keeps making me smile. I've found love in every word of the comments posted by you. Love's in my joy and my sorrow. Love's in my tears and in my fears.
Love's in going for a long drive at 6:00 AM with all my friends. Love's in the time I've spent with Tunesh, Prince, Saket, Pratish, Neeraj, Kishan, Srishti, Anubha, Divya, Ayush and all my class mates. Love's in spending 100s of bucks for samosa :P Love's in those crazy stupid fights. Love's in the memories of my school life. Love's in being scared of going to college. Love's in making new friends again at college. Love's in bunking classes ;) Love's in Kashyap sir's amazing Math class. Love is in being jealous of the butterflies of our class :P 

Love's meeting Marko for the first time over internet in a dating site at 2 am. Love's talking to him for the whole night. Love's remembering almost every part of that conversation. Love's him gaining importance in my life. Love's telling him that I could never be in love even after knowing that I feel something different for him. Love's being jealous of his best friend. Love's him trusting me. Love's me trusting him. Love's when he fell in love with someone else. Love's me letting him fall in love with that someone. Love's when I told his best friend that I probably had a crush on him.
Love's me pretending to be ok. Love's him knowing that I like him. Love's he coming to me when he broke up. Love's the time when he made me to get MSN and facebook. Love's me and him having webcam chat for the first time. Love's the first word that he had uttered after seeing me.. Love's us doing international texting. Love's when he sang me the "owlcity song(The saltwater room)" Love's declining the fact that I love him. Love's still having the song that he had sung to me. Love's adoring him. Love to me is my best friend. Love's the reason I like owlcity so much. 
Love's me being jealous and heart broken to know he's dating someone else again. Love's when he was cheated and wanted to talk to me. Love's me wasting all my phone credit to get online and cheer him up. Love's knowing that he can never be "in love" with me. Love's lying to myself that we are just best friends. Love's when I text him after being felt up by that creep. Love's him wishing that creep to die. Love's him wanting me to change my room. Love's him disliking my mum for the way she has treated me.
Love's my best friend wanting me to break up with my boyfriend just because I wasn't happy and he was treating me wrong. Love's him not listening to me because best friends never do what you ask them to do. Love's falling in love with someone who lives thousand miles away. Love's being in relationship and still missing my best friend.
Love gave me strength to bring my bestfriend back from coldness(darkness) Love brought us closer. Love tore us apart. Love's the fact that he is my only best friend. Love's the only fact that I'm his only best friend. Love's in writing poems for him(The best poem I've written till now with more than 40 comments was for him). 
Love is the fear of losing my friends. Love is not wanting to go into relationship with my friends. If I go into relationship with you. I'll lose a really good and close friend of mine. The reason why I've been saying "no" and ignoring you is this. I do love you but I cannot be in relationship with you. I know you're reading this. I really love you but as a friend not as a lover. I cannot keep you happy and you cannot keep me happy. Love is all about making each other happy! :)
Love's is an inspiration. Love's everything that I want. Love's making videos for my friends and online friends. Love's the video that I've made for him. Love can make you want to cut your wrist. Love can make you want to end your life. But, love is not a quitter. Love's hope. Love is you fighting reality, love is you fighting for everything. Love is the fact that they are trying to you and Love is you trying to save someone like you ♥ Love is hoping to meet them someday. Love doesn't know distance. Love has always been greater than distance. 

I have really amazing people in my life and I love them all. Despite the distance, Sunakshi di I love you very very much for being my best di(elder sis) ever. Shravan, Tony, Arjun, Raed, Ali, Alan, Jake, Randeep sir :P, Sergi, Hailey, Austin, Darren, Mark, Juan, Priya di, Garima di You all are really amazing..  and I love you guys.. and I'm sorry if I am missing anyone o.o.. You know that I love you :P


Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

Love is you writing this. And love is me wanting to say this is awesome!

Okay,that was a little lame. But really, wow. I be loving these love filled posts! :D
Have a great week

pri said...

so many definitions of love...and yet, it will keep changing over the years.
trust me on this one---have been there, done that! :)

best wishes to you...

Sunakshi said...

You described love so simply depicts your most of the life you see.

Thank you for making me part of your life choti.You're sweetest sis one can have. :)